The Ultimate Ad Management and Statistics Service !
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AdZs makes you more money from your Advertising !

Better Management !
- Rotate your ads yourself, for always fresh ads.
- Know which banners gets most clicks.
- Rotate ad networks for maximum variety.
- One control menu manages ads on ALL of your site.
- Cascade ads, so visitors see a new ad for every visit to this page.

More Freedom !
- Dont "go" with one ad network, rotate all and see which is best !
- Manage 1 banner zone on 1000's of pages instantly.
- Rotate many banners to find out which is best.
- Rotate different sponsors to know which converts best.
- Rotate different banner sizes within one zone (if javascript used)
- Manage multiple same size ads in one area from one zone.
- Dont wait for "ad reports" anymore, AdZs stats are realtime !
- No server installs or sofware downloads, AdZs hosts all for you.
- Open for any kind of ad, paste HTML directly
- Create as many sponsors / ads / sites / zones as you want !

Ultimate Statistics !
- Realtime stats, always, directly, anywhere, any page, any ad !
- Colored graphs displaying views / clicks / CTR per hour of the day.
- Stats breakdown with views / clicks / CTR for:
- Domains on which ads are displayed
- Locations on your site (zones) displaying ads
- Sponsors (advertisers) for which ads are displayed
- Ads (banners / ad networks / buttons / images)
- Pages
- Original referers like trades / Google / other
- Countries
- Sites
- ANY stats combination of the above, for example USA visitors on page X clicking on banner Z.
- Create stats from any timeframe / hour that you would like.
- Stats mainpage has Top 10 for every breakdown with "view all" and "filter" links.

AdZs WILL make you more money from your advertising because:
- Rotating adspace is like having 3 banners on the space of one !
- With full statistics, you can determine which sponsor, and which banner make you the most money !
- Rotate multiple ad networks in one ad space, then use the one that makes the most money !
- AdZs tells you which of your trades sent you good, and which sent you bad traffic.
- AdZs can deliver fresh advertising to returning visitors.
- Manage your advertising in a very userfriendly and quick way.
- Always realtime stats means always make the most from your ad space.
- Change advertising easily frequently to always make the most with fresh ads.
- Switch to different ad sizes without changing ad code (if javascript used)

Dont Just Trade Traffic, Trade MONEY !
The AdZs statistics breakdown by original referer is really something that will guide you to making more money. No more guessing about where your banner clicks are coming from. AdZs SHOWS you this now ! It shows you which of your traffic trades or search engine keywords are sending you traffic that clicks on your banners, and which trade sends you traffic does not click your banners at all. And most important, it shows for every trade from which country these visitors are, so you know if the people clicking the banners are from China, or from the USA. This will directly show you which trade sends you their "dump" traffic and which sends you quality fresh good clicking USA traffic ! This will help you optimize your traffic to maximize on getting traffic that makes you money !